• The training program associated with Muay Thai is an excellent means of promoting both physical and mental well being.


    As a basis for a fitness regime, it increases the bodies metabolism, improving blood circulation and consequently ones aerobic capacity. Fat is burnt off quickly and efficiently, whilst simultaneously developing muscle tissue across the span of your physique. As a result, the ‘full body workout’ achieved through Muay Thai training is perfect for creating a proportioned, and evenly toned silhouette.

    The impact on the internal workings of the body are also profound. The additional lung capacity, and metabolic ability are a great boost to any immune system, and creates a body rhythm that encourages a consistent sleep pattern, and healthy digestive cycle. Additionally it has been commented that those training in Muay Thai enjoy a fresher, more glowing complexion, due to the release of toxins held under the skin by the exertion experienced through training.

    Committing to regular training will not only improve overall fitness, it will also extend the bodies ability to tackle increasingly arduous training regimes by developing stamina, strength and agility. Sports and activities which were previously too physically taxing for a person to undertake can quickly become achievable with only a few months training.

    Whether you have a marathon in your sights, or simply a desire to ditch the train and cycle up that hill to the office in the morning, Muay Thai will prove an extremely practical means for an individual to develop the essential endurance skills required to execute these aspirations.


    The physical benefits experienced are often complimented by an overall improvement in mental well being, ranging from heightened tenacity, to a more diligent work ethic, to a reduction in stress through the creation of a release mechanism.

    Most martial arts offer these properties, but the absence of a high-pressure examination process for graduating from belt to belt makes Muay Thai a uniquely approachable, and enjoyable experience; unaffected by the very formal, and often daunting evaluation process that is integral to other combat sports.

    It is often said the methodology of self-defence training “toughens an individual from the inside”. Given that virtues such as compassion, patience, endurance and gratitude are essential components of the Muay Thai training regime, it is unsurprising this proverb is applied to this sport. Participants often achieve a level of spiritual satisfaction, described by some as an improvement in self-belief, and for others extending all the way to the attainment of inner peace.